About Us

Ruislip Synagogue was established in 1946, and it recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Some of the founders were people who had returned from military service just after the war.

For many years we were affiliated members of the United Synagogue, but in 2017 we reached an agreement with the United Synagogue which culminated in us becoming full members without compromising our autonomy. This offered us significant benefits, including the ability to accept new membership applications without restrictions.

Ruislip is a small and friendly community, and we welcome both visitors and new members. We have regular services on Friday nights, Shabbat and festivals, and we pride ourselves in organising regular social and informative events for our community.

Our social club meets once a fortnight and it provides an opportunity for people to meet socially and partake in an activity of their choice. Members and non members are welcome.

Location wise, Ruislip is a London suburb in the borough of Hillingdon, and it is well placed for commuting in and out of London. It is served by the Metropolitan, Piccadilly and Central Underground lines, and it is close to the M40 and M25 for journeys to other towns.

Ruislip Synagogue contributes to inter-faith understanding by supporting visits from local schools. A total of 600 pupils visited in the past year, and this gave them the opportunity of seeing the interior of a synagogue and learning about Jewish services and customs.